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The Cobre Panama Project.

“It was an unexpected opportunity in a country that honestly I didn’t know a lot about. After investigating the project, company and country, it seemed like a great adventure and definitely something very challenging.”
– Carla Barata (Portugal)

“What appeald to me was the different industry in my home country, the benefits on offer from Cobre Panama, different life experiences and getting out of my comfort zone. It was an opportunity to leave the city surroundings full of traffic congestion – but still have a decent job and of course huge monthly saving opportunities!”
– Aida Castro Diaz (Panama)

“This is a mega project which we will not see again in our country.  Being a part of this is really exciting! Apart from the experience of working on a magnitude project like this one – is the knowledge I am gaining of the mining industry”
– Cesar Castillo (Panama)

“The biggest apeal is the opportunity to be a part of a historical project, and to be exposed to new challenges in a new sector. It has also helped me support my family, showing them that you can reach for bigger dreams and goals.”
– Maykol Santana Santana Gonzalez (Panama)

“One of the things I learned in my first visit to Panama back in 1987, was that for a Panamanian being a “Canalero” was the utlimate pride.  A “Canalero” is someone that works in the Panama Canal.  Having epxerience the transformation that mining had in Peru from the early 2000’s to date, I learned that being a “minero” in Peru meant pride. Hence, being part of a new pride adjective for a Panamanian
was very appealing.”
– Alberto Casas (Panama)


Main attractions and
favourite spots.

“The oceans! Being this close to the Pacific and Caribbean ocean is a big attraction. My favourite spot is in Portobelo (Colón), it is a small town with six centuries of history – no wonder it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.”
– Luis Cruz (Colombia)

“To be perfectly honest it’s the opportunity to work on this project.  For my wife and I, it’s a case of experiencing the Panamanian people and their culture. My favourite spot is on the balcony of our apartment having a glass of wine with my wife.”
– Corrie Schutte (Australia)

“I love the beautiful beaches, touring Panama City, and simply enjoy life. El Vallee de Anton, is my favourite spot because it is a beautiful village in the crater of a volcano. It has a picturesque forest, beautiful hotel (Mandarino), and colourful animals like butterflies, birds, frogs and snakes.”
  Roch Desrosiers (Canada)

“Panama is a welcoming country and a great place to work and live. The Cocle beach area is beautiful and definitely my favourite spot, but the panoramic views of the central mountains are unforgettable.”
– Ivan St. Pierre (Canada)

“I have been falling in love with this country every day. Although small, it has so many beautiful places to visit and enjoy. For me the beaches of Bocas del Toro and San Blas are truly heaven on earth. Also, the majestic mountains in the Chiriqui province are to die for!”
  Carla Barata (Portugal)

Towns and places to live in.

“Panama City – it is so good to have the ability to live in a world-class city with my family and work on this site at the same time.”
– Corrie Schutte (Australia)

“Coronado – this is a nice beachside town which has a good bi-lingual International School for children, and plenty of good shops so you don’t need to travel out of town to do shopping.”
– David Golding (Australia)

“Coronado – a calm safe area with an International school. In my opinion it is definitely the best place to live for someone with kids. As they say…Coronado is Life! You can find supermarkets (open 24h/7); pharmacies; pet shops and vets; clothing shops; restaurants; and a private clinic (internationally certified).” 
– Carla Barata (Portugal)

“Bijao – it has a golf course, nice pools and beaches, tennis courts and soccer fields.”
– Ivan St. Pierre (Canada)


Favourite recreational activities.

“Walking around, experiencing the places and people first-hand.” Luis Cruz (Colombia)
– Luis Cruz (Colombia)

“Site seeing, exploring the city and restaurants.”
– Corrie Schutte (Australia)

“My favourite activity is body surfing at the beach with the kids”
  David Golding (Australia)

“I live in Coronado and just love going to the beach. There is a place nearby called Nitro City, where you can do all sorts of water sports!
– Carla Barata (Portugal)

“Our favourite activities are going to the beach, enjoying the warm ocean water; and walking by the Cinta Costera in Panama City”
– Cristian Bastias (Chile)

Top tips for future colleagues.

“Visit the towns and places with your family, as the
first-hand experience is unique, and will help you find you own place in Panamá.”
– Luis Cruz (Colombia)

“My advice to future colleagues is that First Quantum will give you every opportunity to develop in your chosen field due to both the environment within and the diversity and size of the company.”
– Corrie Schutte (Australia)

“Be patient with procedures like: opening a bank account, getting a drivers license, government paperwork etc.”
– Roch Desrosiers (Canada)

“The only thing that is constant here is change. Our company culture is not the same as any other company/industry in the world. We believe in talent, no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are – your thoughts are always welcome.”
– Yizza Arauz (Panama)