The economy is one of the most complex and fast growing in the Americas, with main economic activities such as Finance, Tourism, and Logistics. It is known as a transport hub and is a Centre for Medical excellence.

Panama is renowned for its 48-mile canal that connects the Pacific Ocean with the Atlantic Ocean. Over a million people visit the canal each year to witness this engineering marvel at work. It enables the world’s cargo to be shipped efficiently and safely to new destinations.

There are various opportunities to explore and experience; reach cultures, beautiful landscapes and endless tourist activities.

Tourist attractions and activities you can enjoy include:

  • Rainforest tours
  • Water activities such as white water rafting, surfing, snorkeling and diving
  • Hiking, camping and bird watching opportunities in National Parks
  • Zip-line tours will give you a new perspective of this beautiful location
  • Site seeing and historical buildings/sites
  • Beach resorts and parks
  • Day tour on the Panama hop-on, hop-off bus
  • Panama Canal ship cruise and tours
  • Monkey islands

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