In Panama, we financially support the management of the two national parks and the MUA for the lifespan of the Cobre Panama project – and in doing so will protect over 250,000 hectares of forest.

Other environmental sustainability facts:

  • Panama’s major reforestation/restoration programme involves 10,475ha and as part of the Offset Programme.
  • We have committed to fund the protection of the Santa Fe and Omar Torrijos National Parks, plus 150,000ha in the multiple use area of Donoso.
  • In conjunction with ANAM, we have developed a management plan responsible for safeguarding the area.

Our Biodiversity Programme has already achieved world records:

  • Using camera traps we collected over 16,000 photographs of wildlife in the biological corridor
  • The photographic data was used to design the fauna crossing, thus maintaining the Corridor’s connectivity.

We have the only flora inventory in Panama:

  • With more than 217 species of interest identified and registered by the Missouri Botanical Garden.
  • They are also used for the Seed Bank conservation programme in conjunction with Kew Royal Botanical Garden.

As part of our commitment to water quality:

  • Communities around the project have received training to take their own water samples, independent of our own monitoring.

Current Conservation Programmes:

  • Amphibian Conservation Program
  • Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC)
  • Peregrine Fund


Health care programmes:

  • Early Childhood Stimulation Program through Nutrehogar


  • Agroextensionism program – Local producers are now delivering 65,000 kilos of fresh produce, on a weekly basis, for our camp consumption, whereas just 2.5 years ago everything was purchased from Panama City
  • Agroforestation program – In 2016, 700 hectares of coffee and indigenous plants were planted in the nearby area of the project. This program should bring local property owners earnings of over $2MUSD when the first coffee harvest is collected (Nov 2018).

Click on the below photos to read more about our partnership with the community on; farming, infrastructure, healthcare and education.